Caring for the welfare of nurses while catering for the well-being of patients

The Workload

The Workload Intens-o-meteR is a novel web-based system analytics application that is designed to objectively assess the intensity of nursing workload and the adequacy of staffing in a clinical ward. Born out of the need to optimize operational processes and improve staff morale following cutbacks in nurse staffing, the application aims to sustain quality of care, protect the welfare of nurses, as well as the safety and well-being of patients.

Sustain quality of care

As a care quality systems analytic application, the tool provides healthcare providers and administrators with objective and reliable information that informs them about the intensity (and complexity) of nurses’ workload in the wards. By standardizing the required number of care providers per unit of care, the workload Intens-o-meteR helps to optimize operational processes, improve efficiency and safeguard staff morale.

Welfare of nursing staff

The tool provides a reliable and common “language” to deal with differing perceptions about the intensity of workload. It offers solutions by focusing on the standardization of information needed to drive specific units of care. The tool has the capacity to accurately anticipate workload intensity, ensure efficient planning for optimal workload and safeguard nurses from work overload and burnout.

Safety and well-being of patients

The Workload Intens-o-meteR can identify and quantify the complexity of care on the wards (in real time) and thereby enable timely interventions that protect the safety of patients. The tool ensures that at any given time, the right number of nurses, with the right level of expertise, are stationed on the wards to care for the right patient.

SYSTEM with an app

The Workload Intens-o-meteR is more than a tool. It is a quality analytic system that monitors workload capacity real time. It measures the intensity and adequacy of nurse staffing authentically and uses a common language to inform nurses and hospital administrators about how to provide safe care, improve productivity and save money being lost to inefficiencies

The Instrument

There is no known instrument or tool till date, that measures the intensity and adequacy of nurse staffing using real time data generated from authentic nursing activities, the level of nurses experience, and the number of nurses planned at any given time. The workload Intens-o-meteR defines the intensity of care and calculates the adequacy of nurse staffing directly and in relation to volume and complexity of the patients’ clinical problem. It also informs front end care providers and back end administrators with real time information about service delivery and operational processes, at the point of care.

The Components

The workload Intens-o-meteR is made up of three components, namely an “ entry point” i.e. any android/IOS supported personal digital assistant, Smartphone, or computer device through which predefined clinical information can be entered to an online database, a “ collection point” i.e. a database where all entered data can be archived and retrieved and an “ analysis centre” which is an iterative and analytic program that calculates the intensity of workload and the adequacy of staffing.

Impact of the system

The advantages of this systems analytic tool include its focus on the standardization of information needed to drive specific units of care, as well as, the opportunity it offers to identify and quantify the complexity of care. The Intens-ometeR offers providers and administrators of care the opportunity to anticipate workload and proactively manage the staffing of nurses for optimal workload through:

Delivering superior patient value

By focusing primarily on the process of care, which is an often-undervalued aspect of service delivery. Primary service delivery at the bedside is an essential and significant aspect of patient welfare and the major determinant of the ultimate health care experience.

“Patient centered, doctor driven”

The tool uses an holistic analytic approach in processing the data derived from the interdisciplinary collaborations (between doctors and nurses) to provide and improve patient service.

Cost effective within the full cycle of care

The tool caters for the proper registration of the diagnoses and intensity of care at the front end (bedside) as well as for the realtime analysis and interpretation of data necessary for effective staffing decisions. The tool's ability to resource nursing manpower to the actual health care needs on the wards guarantees the effective reduction of unnecessary waste not only in terms of manpower, but also in terms of required expertise (Muda)

Innovative in the broad sense of the word

The workload Intens-o-meteR is innovative in the way it drives the quality of care from the “inside out”, that is, by focusing on improving the wellbeing and productivity of nurses in health care delivery. The strength of this tool is its flexibility to determine adequacy of staffing in relation to the “actual” versus “anticipated” patient admissions to the wards. The tool uses authentic and standardized nursing activities as variables, which are more realistic and reliable determinants of the services being provided. Unlike most process improvement initiatives, the tool places the ownership and primary responsibility for defining and registering nursing activities where it belongs i.e. in the hands of the nurses who are experienced and can better inform others of the nature of their activities.

Scalable and Implementable over a wide range of healthcare contexts.

This tool has proven to be user friendly, easily accessible and capable of generating real time information for direct application in practice. The workload Intens-o-meteR is a service-orientated product aimed at an area of service where it is needed. The tools added value proposition extends beyond just improving work processes, but also includes the improvement of employee productivity, satisfaction and patient safety.

Features no hospital can resist

What makes the Workload Intens-o-meteR stand out?


Leads to value based health care


Drives and tailors individualized health care delivery.

Easy to use

Data entry completed with just “six clicks”.

Shift planning

Accountability and responsibility for planning in the hands of nurses at the bedside.

Cross platform

Accessible from any ios/android/windows platform.

Real time analytics

Ongoing data analysis as it is entered.

Cloud based

Information is readily available, anytime, anywhere.


Caring for the welfare nurses, while catering for the well-being of patients.

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